Harvest the benefits of SAP solution without upfront cost

by Vivek Rana 9. September 2009 09:33

For less than $15 per day per user, you can now own a fully operational SAP ERP solution to empower your business.  You get the exact same software that Fortune 500 companies are currently using to advance their business.

Our "pay as you go" plan helps you preserve your much needed cash while you harvest all the benefits of our WinPath Express, a qualified SAP All-in-One Solution.


“You do not have to spend thousands of dollars upfront”


Believe it or not. But, it is true. You will get 

- Preconfigured, industry versions of SAP Business Suite

- Fixed price offer - software, hardware and implementation

- Pre-defined time frame for implementation

- Built-in industry best practices

- 30 years of industry expertise to leverage.


Take action and move ahead while your competition plays the “wait and watch”  game.


You do not have to wait for the economy to turn around to consider SAP.


Take advantage of this fiscal environment to prepare your business for future monetary cycles.

Call ObjectWin to learn how your business can ride out financial roller coasters with the SAP solution. You have the opportunity to be on the same level playing field as the big guys, who are creating new business opportunities and saving millions of dollar everyday to stay ahead of their competition. You get access to industry best practices to compete with them head-on.

Call ObjectWin to learn how you can leverage industry best practices to improve your bottom line.

REMEMBER, SAP is not just for large companies, it is for GREAT COMPANIES like YOURS.


What is WinPath Express?

WinPath Express, a qualified SAP All-in-One application is a fixed price, pre-package solution built on industry best practices that suits your unique business needs and tailored for your line of business.  WinPath Express integrates your entire business processes - accounting and finance, project management, procurement, production planning, logistics and distribution - for higher growth and profitability. Visit our website to learn more about WinPath Express.



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WinPath Express, a qualified SAP All-in-One Solution

by Vivek Rana 18. August 2009 06:47

SAP Business All-in-One provides the fast information access, flexibility and adaptability midsize companies need to solve their unique business problems while continuing to grow. This on-premise solution is further developed into prepackaged qualified partner solutions, called WinPath Express which meet the specific microvertical requirements of customers.

Solution Details

WinPath Express, a qualified SAP Business All-in-One solutions are based on SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP Best Practices. These solutions provide users with maximum productivity and ease-of-use.

The Target Customer

WinPath Express, SAP Business All-in-One is most appropriate for midsize companies with global operations, multiple locations and/or multiple divisions. Other common characteristics of midsize companies include:
  • High transaction volume with demanding financial reporting requirements
  • Sophisticated business process requirements with deep industry functionality
  • The need for a flexible, highly configurable solution that is extensible to meet changing needs
  • Dedicated IT staff and a preference for on-premise business solutions

If you are considering evaluating an ERP solution for your organization, give us a call. We'll help you in making the right decision for your organization.

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Deliver impactful marketing campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by Vivek Rana 12. August 2009 11:12

Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing campaigns enable marketing departments to create, analyze, and segment customer lists, in addition to plan and execute campaigns for the customers the company wants to pursue.


Marketing campaigns allow you to collect and analyze the results of campaigns, which your marketing team can use to make future marketing decisions and maximize the effectiveness of its marketing budget. Marketing campaigns are tied directly to the Sales module, which enables your sales staff to follow up on the leads that are generated from every marketing campaign.

 “Microsoft Dynamics CRM is delivering Pumpkin Patch with more targeted and effective direct marketing campaigns, resulting in high levels of customer service and satisfaction.”  Bruce W, General Manager, Pumpkin Patch

 Marketing campaigns include all the tasks associated with marketing activities, which include:

  • Marketing planning and budgeting
  • Creating and managing target lists
  • Planning and creating campaigns
  • Executing and managing campaigns
  • Tracking and marketing information

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides us the ability to better serve our customers by delivering relevant communications and the innovative products they desire. Our implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will result in multimillion dollar savings for Cold Stone Creamery over the next two to three years.”Heather D,  Cold Stone Creamery

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing module includes reports you can use to assess both the operational and financial performance of a campaign. You can use this data to plan, forecast, and pursue leads more effectively. This information helps the marketing team assess the quality of lead sources and design campaigns that produce better results with each effort.


Call ObjectWin today to learn how your organization can deliver impactful marketing campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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Agile Project Management Methodology

by Vivek Rana 30. July 2009 09:09
ObjectWin addresses the complex process of creating software using a process which will increase the probability of successfully developing software. This process, Scrum, is an iterative, incremental process of software development.
Scrum project management process is an important part of Agile; that helps to extract usable products from complex problems. This process helps us work more efficiently and be highly responsive to changing requirements.
Scrum addresses the complexity of software development projects by implementing the inspection, adaptation and visibility requirements of process control with a set of simple practices and rules.
The core of Scrum is the iteration; which is driven with a list of requirements. At the start of iteration, the team reviews what is needed to complete the product. The team then selects what it can turn into an increment of potentially shippable functionality by the end of the iteration. At the end of the iteration, the team presents the functionality it built to the project stakeholders for adaption to the project. This cycle repeats until all requirement backlogs are complete.

There are three Scrum roles: the Product Owner, the Team, and the Scrum Master. All management responsibilities in a project are divided among these three roles.

Our Approach

ObjectWin employs a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) staffed with PMI certified (PMP®) / project managers and Certified Scrum Masters.  The ObjectWin PMO reviews all projects to ensure they are managed in accordance to ObjectWin’s PMO charter.  ObjectWin resources will leverage WinPath Methodology as the basis for development of a thorough project plan supported by internal procedures.  In addition, a project ROI will be created and project metrics will be established and measured throughout the life of the project.
A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) will monitor all projects and conduct detailed phase reviews based upon customer defined requirements. The Scrum Master s responsible for the Scrum process, for implementing Scrum so that it fits within an organization’s culture and still delivers the expected benefits.

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ObjectWin Services

Discover the Gold in your organization by enhancing value

by Vivek Rana 6. May 2009 10:25

Few days back, I wrote to you about Enterprise Health Check – a simple tool that is helping companies create tremendous value for their organization and be counted among the best in their industry.  How are they creating this remarkable value? I’d like to share few stories here.


A small $60 million specialty liquid handling equipment distributor was a market leader in its niche industry. High market share did not translated into highest profitability. A quick check on their core business practices revealed high inventory of slow moving and non-moving items, huge capital tie-up in account receivables, and tedious but costly month end closing of their financial system. Armed with this information, company was able to adopt strategies that decreased their inventory by 28%, decreased slow moving item by 70%, reduce time to close books from 20 days to 5 days.


An oil and gas equipment manufacturer experienced rapid growth of more than 200% in two years. Company bought several companies during this time increasing their global exposure to 40 different countries. Rapid growth added exponential challenges. How do they find out which part of their operation to be taken forward and which one to let go? Enterprise Health Check helped them to make their decision.


A family owned equipment manufacturer was able to uncover the engineering bottlenecks that resulted in a reduction in product lead times by 25% and a keen competitive edge in the specialty marketplace. Integrated information improved inventory accuracy and reduced raw materials inventory by 30%. As inventory fell, sales rose by 15% per year. Over a six-year period, revenue has increased a total of 89% to improve the company’s profitability. And by bringing the month-end closing process in-house, the average closing time has been cut from 40 days to just 15 days.

While you may think that everything is fine with the operation, you will be surprised to find out how much you are leaving on the table. 

Can you afford to ignore the check? Read my blog on Enterprise Health Check. You can't afford not to read it...


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Enhance your patients' Satisfaction

by Vivek Rana 6. May 2009 10:18

Want to help your patients better manage their health?  ObjectWin offers Customer Relationship solutions that enhances your service workforce's  interaction with patients at low cost and more benefits.

Not only do patients want more visibility into their healthcare, but providers need better integration of their systems for administrative and patient interaction to coordinate patient care, services, and delivery.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is an integrated solution that helps healthcare organizations build a culture of prevention, develop a better understanding of health costs, and strengthen patient relationships, allowing them to deliver higher quality care.

ObjectWin deliver a comprehensive customer relationship solution that enables your people to have the right information when they need the most.For more information on how ObjectWin can help exceed your customer service goals, please visit Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions from ObjectWin.

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It's everybody's business to close deal

by Vivek Rana 6. April 2009 10:11

Want to help your sales people focus on the most valuable prospects? ObjectWin offers sales, marketing and service solutions that can help you discern real buyers from browsers.

As you ask your sales teams to do more, faster, and from a greater number of distant locations, obtaining a complete view of your customers is harder than ever.

ObjectWin offers sales solutions that deliver a comprehensive, 360-degree view of prospects, customers, and opportunities. This enables your people to have the right information to identify, nurture, and retain profitable relationships. And they can do it all with software that’s familiar and easy to use.

For more information on how ObjectWin can help exceed your sales goal, please visit
Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions from ObjectWin.

Objectwin has solutions tailored to your specific needs. Visit Objectwin to learn how we are empowering great companies, like yours, maximize their IT Investments. Contact Us today!

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SAP NetWeaver Business Client

by ramv 19. March 2009 09:41

What is NetWeaver Business Client?

In principle, The SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) is a rich desktop client, using the latest smart client technology. The SAP NetWeaver Business Client, formally known by the internal project name Muse offers a unified environment for and a single point of entry to Web Dynpro applications and other SAP business applications and technologies.

Suited to run business application content through its multiple rendering engines, the SAP NetWeaver Business Client provides a solution for hosting classical Dynpro/SAPGUI UIs, BSP pages, Portal pages, and other content. In addition, utilizing an extended XML based UI protocol (available from the NetWeaver Business Client for ByDesign release and onwards) it can support the smart rendering of Web Dynpro on the local desktop or laptop. The SAP NetWeaver Business Client can flexibly consume SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal roles that contain application content and tasks accessing backend, line-of-business systems.

In addition to the basic capabilities detailed above the SAP NetWeaver Business Client leverages its desktop footprint benefits to provide highly integrated and attractive business applications with high fidelity of user experience and operational quality.

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Why Enterprise Health Check is more important now than ever?

by Vivek Rana 19. March 2009 09:27

Though I consider myself a healthy person, I find visiting my physician for yearly check-up quiet welcoming. Maybe, something within me prompts to hear that I am doing great, that my blood pressure is normal, that my cholesterol level is under control. However, there are times; just before the visit, that I hear whispers inside me murmuring, “Something is not right?”

Just as I have been keeping up with a ritual of visiting my physician for my yearly check up, I have also been advising my business clients to go for health checkup of their business?  After all, your business health may impact on your personal health as well. Speaking of having second thoughts why would you not want to do it, if all it cost is half an hour of your time? It may just turn out to be the most productive time you ever spent at work.

Hold on! Before I go even further, you may first want to ask me, “What the heck is an Enterprise Health check?”  Enterprise Health Check is a benchmarking study that can accurately assess the performance of your business processes and compare the results to those of your peers in the industry that you operate”. In simple language, EHC study helps you find areas of improvement in your business process which will then become the foundation for achieving the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Now, if you are a Finance officer and you ask me, “Why do I need Enterprise Health Check.?” My response will be “Why not?”. If I can tell, from the EHC study, that the top performing organizations take 5 days less to close their monthly book, or, that your account receivables has 20 more days outstanding that your peers, won’t you be interested? 

If you are a sales manager and you found out that your top competitors have order filled accuracy of 99.3% as against your of 92.1%, for instance, will that not make you think and ask “How do they do it?”   

A plant manager whom I met in a conference was quiet shocked to learn, from the Enterprise Health Check, that he is carrying inventory that is 32 days longer than his competitors. 

My intention, of course, is not to discourage you, but to equip you with a tool to do your own evaluation and find out if there are some areas of your business that you would like to improve. While the above are just simple examples, Enterprise Health Check can give you several other benchmarking metrics in processes such as Finance, Supply Chain Management, Order fulfillment, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Human Capital Management that you can help you evaluate your own business.   

Enterprise Health Check is a great way to evaluate your systems effectiveness — it provides a barometer that tells you where you stand in relation to your peers.  Several mid-size businesses consciously evaluate their business strengths and take steps to improve processes to improve their own profit margin and grow their businesses. More than 2,000 companies have already taken advantage of no-cost-to-customer Enterprise Health Check offered by SAP.  What is stopping you?

Lord Mandelson  had said: “In the current economic climate it’s more important than ever for businesses to take action. There is no better way for companies to start the New Year than with a free Business Health Check looking at issues such as maintaining cash flow. We want to ensure that the businesses with fewer employees and limited resources benefit from the type of advice and support they need to plan for the times ahead and to come out stronger on the other side.”

One of the vital elements of Enterprise Health Check is not to get absorbed in the intricacies of the numbers, but to focus on using the numbers as a guidance for developing the processes that makes your business more efficient and profitable.


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SAP Business All-in-One for Oilfield Services

by Ash Batra 10. March 2009 13:12

SAP Business All-in-One (WinPath Express)

ObjectWin’s WinPath Express solution is a prepackaged solution of SAP Business All-in-One software with industry content, best practice models and consulting services to address the IT needs and budgets of small and mid size oil and gas equipment manufacturers. WinPath Express supports all relevant core processes in the supply chain, as well as the supporting processes. Pre-configured standard processes can be adapted to project-specific requirements while leveraging solutions for core processes.

WinPath Express supports the following industry-specific processes

  • Logistics Planning
  • Make to Stock
  • Make to Order with Variant configuration
  • Make to Order without Variant configuration
  • Project centric Engineer-to-Order order fulfillment methods
Project Systems
  • Project Planning
  • Basic Project Setting
  • Networks / WBS
  • Settlement Profile
  • Network Schedule
  • Project Execution
  • Cost Control
  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales order processing
  • Third Party orders
  • Cross company sales
  • Customer down payments
  • Credit Memo and Debit Memo
Financial and Management Accounting
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
  • Period End Closing Financial Accounting
  • Cash Management
  • Cost of Sales Accounting
  • Asset Accounting / Internal Orders
  • SAP ERP Reports for Accounting
  • SAP ERP Reports for Logistics
Integration Processes
  • Period End Closing – General Plant
  • Inventory Valuation for Year End Closing
  • Time Recording
  • Period End Closing Activities
Annual Operating plan
  • Revenue Planning
  • General Cost Center Planning
  • Purchased material Price Planning
Service Management
  • Service contract with periodic billing
  • Service with Time and Material
  • Planned Services
  • External Procurement Services
Value Proposition of the Solution: 
  • Total cost of ownership can be reduced by having an integrated application system
  • Based on SAPs Best practices for the industry
  • Solution based on IMC best practices template with added functionality of the ECO best practice template block.
  • Reduced operational and maintenance cost
    Increased efficiency in business  operation process

With WinPath Express your organization can implement a suite of applications that are tailored to your environment. The solution supports the integration of disparate front and back-office systems – often consisting of home grown applications to tighten processes and sharpen business insight into sales, operations and distribution.

WinPath Express offers the benefits of Tier 1 enterprise software applications at a far more competitive price. These scalable solution bundles leading products and services, with a predictable cost of ownership, which can help you achieve end results that create tangible enterprise value.

Solution Summary: 

In many cases, we can install the solution in just 13 weeks, plus 2 weeks of post go-live support, for a total of 15 weeks for the complete installation, while providing your enterprise tangible benefits such as reduced implementation cost, mitigated project risk and compressed time to value.

Accelerators include:
  • Solution blueprint identifying key business requirements and design criteria
  • Pre-defined industry value chains and business processes
  • Preset SAP configuration to support business process definitions
  • Industry-specific roles to support work processes & enable system security
  • SAP standard & Industry-specific reports
  • Industry-oriented data migration templates
  • Integrated & industry-specific SAP training to jump start project team learning
  • End-user documentation templates - customized to the client requirements.

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